Why do I need people to review my book?

As a reader, sometimes it is frustrating to buy a book and end up hating it. It is not just about the money you spent, but it is also about the space that book now will occupy in your shelves and because, as a book lover, we do not like throwing away books due to being a sacrilege. Therefore, that’s what a book reviewer is for.

What to expect from my reviews

All reviews featured on TUABFC are honest, unbiased, and a product of a personal opinion. The aim of the reviews featured on the website is to help other readers have an idea what they might encounter inside the book and what to expect, always from my reader’s point of view. All reviews are always going to be respectful and with a professional writing style.

How do I rate the books?

My rating goes as follows:

  • Hated it: 1 star
  • Ok: 2 stars
  • Average: 3 stars
  • Enjoyed it: 4 stars
  • Loved it: 5 stars.

There can be half stars and then the rating goes as to what I am most inclined to due to how enjoyable the book was and the overall considerations that I always take into account. (e.g. a book rated 3.5 stars can be in the ‘average’ category or the ‘enjoyed it’ category).

What formats do you accept?

  • Physical ARCs are preferable.
  • e-ARCs or, also known, as digital advance review copies.
  • Finished copies (paper or hardback).
  • e-Books from websites such as Amazon or via email.

Where do I send my review request?

All requests should be sent directly to theunofficialaddictionbookfanclub@hotmail.com. I can review the book, feature it with a giveaway or host either a guest post from the author or an interview. If interested in the content of the book, I will respond in a timely manner requesting further information or content.

Where do you post your reviews?

All reviews are posted on my website, Goodreads and Amazon. They are also promoted on Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, occasionally all reviews are also posted on BookDepository.

Can I buy your services?

Not really. I receive books in exchange for honest reviews and I do not charge for this services, nor will I in the future. I would not accept money in order to write a positive review.

However, if what you are looking for is some extra promotion, you can head over to the FFBC Tours and see how we can help you.